We Have Moved!!!

I have fancy new digs Down Under with Nivsu hosting (order before tomorrow, Jan 7th, and receive 50% off all hosting packages with the offer code “SOPASUCKS”! I got a year of hosting plus domain for about $26, AND the customer service/tech support is friendly and fantastic. Anyway, sales pitch aside…) and I’ve set up a WordPress.Org blog there to replace this one. It’s fully functional, but I’m in the process of styling it now which my take a little while so don’t be surprised if anything changes colour or moves around between pages. I’ve had lots of fun on WordPress.Com, and I’ll be keeping it around in case of major tech problems over there, but all new content will generally be posted on there now. So thanks to the viewers and subscribers I have/have had here, and I hope you all renew your subscriptions or change your bookmarks to join me on the new site with its new look, lots of content and general fanciness! 😀

Here’s the link: deepwoodmist.com/blog