Creative Commons Licensing Image

All images are available in 1600x900px (landscape), 900x600px (portrait) or 900x900px (square) under the Creative Commons attribution-non-commercial-share-alike 3.0 international licence. Since I’m inserting a name and URL as a watermark I plan to be fairly lenient on the “attribution” portion of the licence for the newer images, although a text link would be appreciated. I’m not planning on going through the older images and resizing them, but if you would like a pre-existing image at more than ~600px, just drop me an email (preferably with a helpful subject header like “Non-commercial resize”) and I’ll reupload it in a larger size. If you’d like to just use it as-is at about 600x400px or whatever and it’s one of the non-watermarked ones, please use a byline containing my name (Rob Taylor) and a link (or just plain text URL in print media) to “”. Thanks! 🙂

What does non-commercial consist of? Examples include personal blogging, free-to-access web editorial (illustrative of an article, not image galleries), individual desktop wallpapers on private machines, and educational use.

COMMERCIAL USAGE (including print or subscription-electronic editorial, public or private display (electronic, print or otherwise), and charity/non-profit)

Please email me at deepwoodmist(at) with your specific requirements. Pricing will vary dependent on media, distribution volume, display size and duration of licence. Permission for use is only granted with express written notice.


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